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Martin Muriano                                                    Arquitecte


"The first architectural evidence for me was really vocational, by the hand of a family tradition, starting by my grandfather and father, as builders, to my brother as an architect.


These motivations drove me to a technical career, hence, to study architecture in Barcelona (ETSAB) at the Polytechnic University of Catalunya (UPC).


In addition to my academic background I was highly interested in learning from different architectural firms. These practical experiences gave me a professional view, acquiring skills from both the office work and the field work. I spent most of that time working in the study of Germán Navarro Borrás. 


After finishing college in 1990, I had my first professional experience working in projects related to reforms and rehabilitations, as well as interior designing. This period allowed me to understand the work on the small scale details in construction.


This experience gave me the confidence to take projects which involved projecting both housing and housing buildings, where the small domestic scale is essential.


On the other hand, the change form small-scale projects to big-scale ones arises as a consequence of assuming urban plans, to create equipment buildings in order to provide a more comprehensive view of the ensemble.  

In almost 25 years of profession I would like to emphasize a basic projective exercise done before any other subsequent phase in the designing, the miesian concept of "Less is More", conceptual tool which has aided me in the development of all my projects.



I agree with what J. A. Coderch, last great master, said referring to the ingredients need to create a good project, which are: passion for what you're doing, time to work on it and suffering until you achieve what you propose.



Once given the leap on to the white paper, articulating hand with pencil, my experience confirms, that this suffering occurs until the project is "fasten". Just at this moment you begin to fully enjoy the rate of the project and the final achievement of the work performed.  


Barcelona Pavilion

Mies van der Rohe (1929)


Casa Uriach

J.A Coderch (1961)



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